James Barber, putting people first

I'm not a politician. I'm just a regular guy who decided to stand up for those who continue to be hurt by decisions made by politicians.


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James Barber

Dedicated work ethic – Desire to serve

“People are struggling. Together, we can help!”

Community Strong

— We need an honest, transparent, and accountable government that’s responsive to the people. —

— Our rural communities need a properly funded Sheriff’s Department.

— Families need affordable housing and healthcare. —

— We need to end homelessness. —

— Lane County needs a strong local economy and local businesses that provide family wage jobs. —

— Our children need an education system that prepares them for the emerging economy. 

— Our workforce needs training for the future economy. —

— We need to combat climate change and ensure a healthy environment. —

Finding Local Solutions

We can meet the needs of the community if we respect our differing viewpoints, recognize each other’s humanity, and work together for the greater good.

I Pledge to:

  • Only accept contributions from individuals. Big money and special interests have no place in this campaign or this office. I’m there to work for you.
  • Dedicate $24k/yr of my commissioner’s salary to employ a paid staff person to assist with community outreach and help us meet your needs.
  • Not run for a different position while serving as your commissioner. I will focus on Lane County and what’s best for us, not personal or political ambitions.
  • Not vote to raise my own salary. In 2016, the Commissioners voted themselves a $10k raise, not good.

Meet the Candidate

James Barber

James Barber

Candidate, East Lane County Commissioner

James is a 25 year resident of Lane County. He attended Churchill High School and LCC where he studied business management and accounting. James was a small business owner for 13 years and is now a principal broker with Sixel Real Estate. James enjoys playing Boggle and reading. He lives near Walterville with Kristin, his wife of 17 years, their 3 children, and their dog. James is deeply involved with local and statewide organizing with such groups as Our Revolution Lane County and Progressive Oregon, where he organizes events across the state to help groups and individuals get active and engage with their community.