Leonard Stoehr – Springfield City Councilor

“Ever since I have known him, James Barbre has gone to the mat to  fight for workers and their families. James is what East Lane has been waiting for: A genuine working class hero.”

Lil Frey

“James is the kind of leader we need. A lot of people say the right things, but James also consistently shows up and takes action. By listening to and engaging with people in the community, he advocates for people in the community and gives attention to and cares about the issues that affect you and me.”

Nicholas Engel

“I endorse James Barber for Lane County because he is a progressive force to be reckoned with. A tireless, hard-working voice for positive change who is already making a difference here in Lane County and deserves your support. I have personally worked with James over the last six months on numerous issues and campaigns and causes that have all been efforts for social, racial, economic or climate justice for all of America. He has constantly showed skilled leadership, in-depth knowledge and a willingness to learn about issues and a remarkable ability to build team consensus on how to move forward with solutions to complex issues. He is working to engage and unite people who have been under represented and give us a seat at the table. He cares deeply about the policies set by government that impact Lane County average or below average residents. James will not let the status quo remain! Donate! Volunteer! Most importantly, get engaged and vote for James Barber 2018!”

Rural Oregon Progressives

“The Board of Directors of Rural Oregon Progressives Officially Endorses James Barber. James is a servant leader who listens to and seeks to understand the different perspectives and experiences found in our urban and rural communities. Our personal experiences have proven him to be committed to strong, safe and healthy communities. His focus includes: Income equality Worker’s benefits Health care for all Infrastructure modernization Poverty and homelessness Public safety James runs a people powered campaign and we the people of Rural Oregon support him for Lane County Commissioner.”

Mickey Waggoner

I just spent some time speaking with James and I am very impressed. He’s articulate, carrying, and energetic. He truly wants to turn our count around so it meets the needs of its citizens instead of the large companies and wealthy people who have bought most of our current commissioners.

Our Revolution Central Willamette

“Our Revolution Central Willamette strongly endorses James Barber. He is a champion of progressie causes state-wide, and deserves the support of all progressives.”

Karen Freeman

“I worked with James on Bernie Sander’s campaign. I was impressed by how he is smart, levelheaded and fair. He understands the issues and is committed to work hard on behalf of those he serves.”

Al Gerber

“I support James because he will fight for the common citizen and those who have no voice.”

Stephanie Turnbull

“I fully endorse James Barber. I’ve been super impressed with his dedication, energy and drive to accomplish positive changes in our community, our county, our state and our country. Run, James, Run!”

Donald St. Clair

“James Barber has dedicated his time and energy ceaselessly since the great wave of Bernie Sander’s candidacy brought so many citizen activists to the public arena. James’s natural leadership emerged over the course of this last year and sets an example for all of us! I know he will serve Lane County tirelessly as well from a firmly progressive point of view that reflects the political make up of our county.”

Adam Fishman

“James Barber is a tireless worker who is a great listener and organizer. I endorse James Barber…… for Lane County Commissioner.”

Tashiko Weinstein

“Because he is one of the few candidates I have met that is willing to take the needs for People with Disabilities seriously! James Barber is also an advocate for sustainability and better practices.”

Nicholas W Chase

“I know he will fight for working families.”

Rebecca Daly

“James is a man of integrity who stands up for what is right and fights for it when he needs to. If you want honor and honesty, he’s your candidate.”

Esmeralda Fortunato

“Because he sees the long term consequences of corporate desicions which create immediate profit but have negative impact on the environment.
A candidate who believes the people of Oregon comes before profits.”

Matthew Rock

“James Barber is a dedicated father, businessman and political activist. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working along side James over the past year and can enthusiastically throw my full support behind him in his run. Lane County would be extremely lucky to have him. Matthew Rock, Rock and Rock LLC”

Marie Lo

“James is a smart, thoughtful and level-headed leader who will go that extra mile to make sure the people he represents will be heard. James’ abilities to listen, organize and advocate are invaluable skills in an effective public servant. We need a new kind of politics, one that puts the needs of ordinary people first and one that inspires and gets people engaged and involved, and that is why I endorse James Barber for Lane County.”

James Starke

I support you! Thank you for standing up and serving We The People! 

Lisa Corbett

“James Barber cares about Lane County and all of its citizens. He is taking the time to meet with people throughout Lane County and listen to their concerns. James has the passion and the energy to work hard for Lane County.”

Dan Jensen

“James is an outstanding organizer. He is dedicated to progressive values.”

Sandra Jafarzadeh

“I feel honored to endorse James Barber because I believe his ideas and solutions align with the majority of residents of Lane County. James is loyal and his hardwork for social and economic justice is outstanding.”

Gene Tresenfeld

“James is a principled progressive, who learns the issues and then coherently explains his positions. I’ve watched as he interacts with different branches of the Democratic party and then earns their respect.”

Sandy Krebs

“James Barber is the real deal! He is working to make Democrat rhetoric a reality.”

Keri Capen

“I support James Barber for Lane County Commissioner because I know that the people of Lane County could not find someone more willing to fight for and serve them. James will never stop working for you because he is a true servant leader.”

The Progressive Ballot

The Progressive Ballot proudly endorses James Barber for East Lane County Commissioner in Oregon! Good luck, James!

Cody Climer

“James proves himself to be compassionate, engaged and invested in improving the lives of those around him. He’s working to give people a voice in how the county works so that everyone feels that their government is working for them.”

Lisa Ortiz

“James Barber is a TRUE Servant Leader. He is not a political climber who says the proper Progressive soundbites in order to achieve personal gain. James truly believes in Progressive values and works through and with multiple organizations to improve the lives of ordinary folks who are struggling under the yoke of neoliberalism. James is a person of action and his actions match his words. He is smart, well-read, and has the common sense and compassion required to meet the needs of a diverse population. James is a dedicated friend and colleague who is not afraid to go against the grain; we’ve had some terrific and passionate disagreements throughout which James was articulate and respectful. James is an excellent listener and I believe that to be one of the most useful – and rare – skills for anyone seeking public office. He LISTENS … he does not merely sit quietly while others talk. He actively engages in the art of listening – with an open heart and an open mind. James is powerful in his convictions; chief among them is the power of WE. James Barber will be a powerful voice for We the People.”

Charlotte Brandt

“James and I worked together on Senator Sanders’ presidential campaign. I have found him to be a calm, intelligent person who gives thoughtful consideration to issues and solutions. I am pleased to say that he has asked me to serve as treasurer for his campaign. I highly endorse James to be a Lane County Commissioner!”

Joy Thomson

“I fully support James in his run for East Lane County Commissioner. He is hard-working and committed to working on the issues and helping people. He will be excellent in this position. His clear vision will be an asset for the community.”

Louie Vidmar

“James Barber is a great guy and has great ideas! We need to replace most of the current commissioners. James would be a fantastic voice for the people on the Lane County Board of Commissioners!”

Genevieve LeBlanc

“James Barber: He listens to and includes everyone in the solution, then rolls up his sleeves, and works with us all to get ‘er done! A good guy who will be a great Lane County Commissioner!”

Jacob Van Buskirk

“James is a tireless worker and a great advocate for unheard people. He will listen and absorb ideas from everyone and then make good decision. No one could ask for a better elected official.”

Jim Cupples

“As soon as I heard James was running for Lane County commissioner I had one thing to say: How can I help? A true Berniecrat that raises honesty and integrity above everything else. Can’t wait to vote for him.”

Shelly Collins

Claudia Ward

Jennah Litecky Yost

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