Some of you wonderful folks expressed an interest in donating to help retire my campaign debt. 

Specifically, Alan said:

“Someone could set up some kind of go fund me account to help James retire his campaign debt. Then we could all spread it around via social media and ask people to pitch in what they can. He heeded Bernie’s call to run for office, did good raising issues and educating voters, and deserves our support as a sign of appreciation.”

Any help would be much appreciated. Here’s an option to donate through ActBlue or CrowdPAC. 


Some background:
When I decided to run for office I jumped in with both feet. I knew I had a lot to learn and not much time to get up to speed. So I took out a home equity loan in order to not have to worry about income for 1.5yrs. I wanted to focus all my time on learning about the position, getting out in the communities in the district, and becoming the best candidate I could be. 
I loaned $12k or so directly to the campaign for materials and consulting that I was hoping would get paid back through donations. This is the official campaign debt. Yet, tens of thousands more won’t show up as campaign expenses because it just went to our personal living expenses to offset my lack of income and allow me to focus on the race. 
Now that the campaign is over, I need to focus on recouping the resources I expended so our family can get back to solid ground. 
Thank you all for any assistance. It’s been such a pleasure meeting and working with everyone, and trying to make a difference for this community.

Note: It’s illegal for candidates to use donations for living expenses. This is why folks who have to work, need to earn an income to survive, can’t run for office. It’s nearly impossible to run a decent campaign while working full time. As a result, we usually end up with retired or independently wealthy people being our only choices.


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