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3 days ago

James Barber

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. The Birthday fundraiser for Health Care for All Oregon raised over $280! I appreciate the support for that. Health care for everyone is one of my top goals.

For my birthday, Kristin and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw A Star Is Born. That movie was phenomenal. Great story, great acting, amazing camera work and directing. I highly recommend it. This will be winning awards soon I’m sure.
It was very emotional and not just in a make you want to cry way. You share the nervousness and embarrassment in such stark ways. It just draws you in from the beginning. Can’t say enough about it. Go see it!

I also got my ballot yesterday, so I was able to fill that out too.
Since I live in rural Lane County, my ballot doesn’t have much on it except a few races and measures. Here’s my suggestions for helping us move forward:

✅ YES on 20-290, STAR Voting - this represents a positive nonpartisan change to county officer elections so people can rate each candidate for that office on a 0-5 scale. No more splitting votes, folks can vote their preference for every candidate if they want. Yay for democracy!

✅ YES on M102 - this is about affordable housing. This carves out an exemption to the state preemption of government working with private businesses, and does so only for affordable housing. I really think local communities should be able to have the choice whether to tax themselves to tackle this crisis if they want to. Our community, our rights.

✅ NO on M103 - this says it’s about preventing a grocery tax. It’s not. There is no attempt to institute a grocery tax and any sales tax efforts (which there is none right now) have always carved out an exemption for groceries. This is about exempting a whole industry from doing its part to fund our needs as a community. This measure would exempt all aspects of the food industry from state taxes, including alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. This industry is has a huge impact on our infrastructure. How in the world would our crumbling infrastructure survive if they suddenly didn’t have to pay their fair share to keep it maintained?
Don’t fall for the bait. Vote NO!

✅ NO on M104 - this measure solidifies in our constitution the strategy that has been used for decades that makes it really hard to raise revenue, while at the same time keeping it simple to hand out tax breaks and create loopholes.
It’s currently 3/5 majority to raise taxes, simple majority to give out tax breaks. So when one party gets a simple majority, they can reward all their campaign donors with tax breaks. Yet it’s extremely difficult to get a 3/5 majority to repeal those same tax breaks if they aren’t working or no longer needed. Protect our state budgets, Vote NO!

✅ NO on M105 - Oregon’s sanctuary state status came about 30+ years ago with overwhelming bipartisan support. Only a single senator and a single representative voted against it. It had support from all law enforcement. It’s a good bill that protects our local funds from being used for federal law enforcement. It protects our communities by ensuring everyone a safe interaction with our governmental services. Those would go away if this passes. Not good for our communities. Not good for the people. Vote NO!

✅ NO on M106 - this is about taking away a woman’s right to make her own health decisions based on her situation, whether it’s financial, spiritual, or life threatening. Those are decisions best left up to the woman, not government. Vote NO!

✅ YES for Heather Buch for Lane County Commissioner - District 5. She will help Lane County tackle our housing crisis. She’s level headed, smart, and driven to help this community. She’s willing to listen to all community members from all backgrounds, parties, and perspectives. She’s earned our support by running a great campaign and knocking on a ton of doors to hear from folks in our district.

✅ YES for Kate Brown for Governor. We need her to be on the State Lands Board to protect the Elliot Forest from being sold to private timber companies. We need her to sign the Clean Energy Jobs bill so we can do our part tackling climate change and investing in clean energy. We need her to ensure women will have a champion for their rights leading Oregon. We need her for so many other things that would be threatened under her main opponents reign. I’m keeping this positive so I won’t speak about him here, just know there are many reasons to vote against him also. Please vote for Kate!

Feel free to weigh in below. It’s ok to disagree, we can have civil discussions. What’s your perspective?
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4 days ago

James Barber

More fireworks in Oakridge government yesterday. 😲 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

James Barber

Rick Dancer
Star Voting
On the ballot in Lane County
Sponsors explain how it works
Get Real with Rick Dancer
Please share this on your page so others will be informed.
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1 week ago

James Barber

STAR Voting Lane County
Lane County voters have a unique opportunity this cycle to implement a fundamentally new voting method for electing county officials. This video explains why the effort is so important, and how the STAR Voting system works.
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