Join us in building a
Community Strong – Lane County

Community Strong – Lane County means an honest, transparent, and accountable Lane County Government that’s responsive to the people.

Public Safety Funding Small, Local Businesses Economic Opportunity

Homelessness Affordable Housing Poverty

Climate Change Clean Energy Jobs Responsible Forestry

Industrial Hemp Aerial Spraying Disability Justice

Infrastructure Recycling Healthcare

Now, to be responsive to the people, we have to listen to the people. Listening, I believe, means we are willing to be changed by what we hear. This is important, because perspective and experience shape our views. It’s only through collaboration that we can bring our differing views together in a positive way.

When our discussions include folks with a variety of viewpoints, and a wide range of experiences, we can improve decision making and problem solving. We also learn to respect each other, even in disagreement. This is key to working together and overcoming the partisan divide that is tearing apart this country. This is the foundation of how we make Lane County “Community Strong.”

I don’t claim to have all the answers to our problems, but I’ll give you 3 reasons to vote for me anyway:

1. I’ll be honest with you.
2. I will speak up and speak out. Problems will not be ignored or hidden.
3. We will talk about the problems, then talk some more, and test, and try, and never give up, until we figure out the way forward, together.

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