How do we know global warming is real and what’s causing it? Click here for a great article detailing the science behind it.

What can we do about it?

There are many ways we can seek to protect the environment. We need:

  • to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy and drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels.
  • to oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure because those investments will ensure continued efforts to keep that infrastructure profitable and make it harder to reach greenhouse gas reduction benchmarks.
  • to proudly be a part of the Thin Green Line to oppose fossil fuel exports to Asia and other international destinations.
  • to stand strong against efforts to open up our oceans to offshore drilling.
  • to support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill and prepare for its implementation so we can lead the way on educating the needed workforce that will ensure we meet climate goals that can fend off a 1.5 C global temperature increase.

To that end, we should begin by getting a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report and then create a strategy to lower our footprint. We need to reduce our use of fossil fuels, plastics, and other waste products, focusing on sustainable practices. An infrastructure of charging stations and roads outfitted with charging strips for electric vehicles can maximize tourism and economic opportunities of clean energy. The county should purchase its own material recycling facility to handle our region’s plastics. This can create jobs and reduce our overall reliance on China. With a top notch training program and an educated workforce, we will cultivate a climate that will save our environment.

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