Affordable Healthcare

At the state and federal level, I would like to see a Single Payer system, with price controls on pharmaceuticals. A system that includes everyone and covers everything at no charge at the point of service. We spend so much trying to determine who makes enough for this, or who is eligible for this and that. It’s a waste of time and money, while people suffer and die because of its complexity.

We currently pay the most, by far, than any other country on earth for a system that fails so many people. I believe we can lower the cost AND provide healthcare to everyone with a single payer system.

At the county level, the Board of Commissioners double as the Board of Health. I would like to explore opportunities to ensure everyone has a basic level of care available, including:

  • Utilizing County community health centers to ensure all County residents have access to affordable care.
  • A training hospital in the area would attract new medical professionals that will stick around & build a life here.
  • Recruit medical professionals to our rural communities that are lacking access to care.
  • Expand hi-speed internet to all our rural communities & offer telemedicine services to overcome distance barriers & improve access to medical services.

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