I grew up in a household that relied on government assistance for food, rent, and heat. I know what it’s like to live in poverty and the stress that creates for parents and children. 

As a society, we under fund our education system, burden our young families with rising student debts, and continue to rely on a healthcare system that bankrupts millions and leaves countless with stress and permanent injuries due to lack of proper care. We give millions in tax breaks to the rich, while tossing peanuts to working folks. The level of income inequality is staggering. Corporate profits and productivity are at all time highs, while worker’s are exploited and wages are stagnant.

On a personal level, life can be a grind. Living in poverty is stressful and tiring. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Wages are too low, healthcare is unaffordable, and jobs are being automated and/or shipped overseas. The social safety nets are not very wide and they require constant proof that you really do need them, or else they are taken away. The way they are funded incentivizes less work and penalizes moderate success with a complete removal of assistance.

I believe we can find better ways to help people out of poverty and restore dignity. People are struggling, but I know, together, we can help.



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